How I Make My Cashew Milk


I like making cashew milk at home because I want to feed my family with healthy alternatives. In case you have never tried cashew milk, the first thing I will tell you about it is that it is entirely free of cholesterol and saturated fats. For those trying to go vegan, this is a healthy choice and very easy to make.

Of course, instead of making your cashew milk at home, you can easily purchase it from the store, but I would not recommend it. The thing is that the vegan milk sold at the supermarket is loaded with preservatives for prolonging shelf life, so they are not as healthy as you may think them to be. I prefer making my cashew milk at home, and while doing so, I know for sure that nothing I do not approve of will go into the recipe.

You may wonder by now how I can make this type of milk at home since it sounds like such a time-consuming process. The simplest answer is that I don’t work hard to obtain the milk I love so much. I use a nut milk maker, which is quite an excellent device seeing that it does all the work for me.

The best part about cashew milk is that you do not have to strain it after you are grinding the nuts into a fine paste and mix it with water (the machine takes care of everything for you). Cashew milk is very creamy and delicious. You can consume it cold on hot days and enjoy extra energy for all your waking hours.

There are significant advantages to not having to strain the milk. All the healthy fiber and minerals are kept inside your vegan beverage, and you will enjoy all the benefits. Did you know that cashew milk has no sugars? Your sugar levels are safe, and you will not suffer any unpleasant sugar spikes throughout the day.

Now let me tell you how I obtain my cashew milk. First, I leave the cashews to soak in water for at least four hours inside the refrigerator. After that, I strain all the water and rinse the nuts with cold water. For one cup of cashew nuts, I pour two cups of water inside the nut milk maker. I press the button, and within two minutes, I have made the primer for my cashew milk. I add two extra cups of water, a bit of honey, and cinnamon because I love the taste. I blend everything in the nut milk maker, and then I pour the content in a glass bottle.

This milk can be kept in your fridge for at least three days without spoiling. If you get a larger nut milk maker, you can make more of it and enjoy it every day. I find this type of machine a great addition to the kitchen tools I cannot live without.