Cleaning Tips that Have Helped Me Through and Through



I have learned the hard way how taxing it can be to try to keep your house clean when you have two kids running amok and no help whatsoever. But the good news is that I made it and that only happened because I have learned a few cleaning tips along the way that have proved to be solid gold. Here are some that I think may help you with your daily cleaning, too.

Kitchen cabinets are a pain to clean, especially around the handles, and it is pretty easy just to overlook them until gunk accumulates so much that you have no other choice but to start scrubbing, and scrubbing, and scrubbing… Here is a small tip you can use to clean the gunk from your kitchen cabinet without feeling like you have just been condemned to years of hard labor.

Mix one part coconut oil with two parts baking soda, until you obtain a paste. Use your hands to rub the paste all over the gunk filled areas. Make sure that the paste gets into all the nooks and crannies since this is paramount for obtaining excellent results. Now grab a toothbrush and rub the entire surface. The paste will peel and leave nothing but clean surface behind. Only a bit of scrubbing is needed, and all the gunk will remain stuck to the creamy paste.

One thing in any home that is tough to clean is the shower. The walls remain so spotted after each time you take a shower that the idea of having to wash them all the time seems like such a time-waster. What I found to be easy to use with maximum results is spraying a non-wiping substance all over the walls. You do not have to scrub; you do not have to wipe; you do not have to do anything. You just walk away, and your shower will be clean and nice looking, like never before.

I now want to take you to the kitchen again and tell you about a solution I use for cleaning the oven. I mix baking soda with water until I obtain a paste and then spread it on the bottom of the oven where all the grease and gunk accumulates. I must admit that I have always found cleaning the oven a difficult task, but not ever since I discovered this method.

The paste must sit on the dirty surface for several hours. After that, you just need to wipe it clean and enjoy a great looking oven that is just ready to use again. The best part about this is that I do not have to use any chemicals since I want to maintain the air in my home chemical free so that my kids can grow up healthy.