Quick Quesadillas with Sour Cream


Quesadillas are so often served at our table that I am starting to think that they are soon to become full-fledged members of the family. The thing is that my kids love eating quesadilla so much that I must make them quite regularly. It appears that the variety they like best is the one matched with sour cream. I must say that I personally enjoy the combination, as well, since the sour taste makes the meat and cheese combination from the quesadilla more palatable.

There is also another benefit that you may not know about; the calcium in sour cream traps the fat from meat and cheese and it does not allow it to get absorbed in high amounts by your body. So, you may say that this is a slimmed down version of the famous Mexican recipe. But, let me tell you about some really tasty recipes of quesadillas with sour cream.

I will start by saying that I do not usually have a lot of time at my disposal to put together breakfast. So I need to move fast and, since quesadillas are on the morning menu more often than not, I decided to get myself a quesadilla maker. It is really a breeze how fast this cooking appliance works. I only need to assemble the quesadillas using ingredients I have readily available in the fridge (I always stock on tortillas), and the machine takes care of the rest. My quesadilla maker helps me put together a fast breakfast that is filling, and also tasty and healthy.

A simple recipe I make is called sour cream chicken quesadilla. When I place the first tortilla on the cooking plate of the quesadilla maker, I make sure to paint it with sour cream. Then I spread some lettuce mixed with sour cream, followed by strips of fried chicken. I pour a generous amount of sour cream on top, and I paint the other tortilla with the same ingredient before plopping it on top of everything. So, this recipe works fine without extra cheese, and it will be lighter in calories, too.

If you do not like to cook the sour cream directly into the quesadilla composition, here is another thing I do. I make a sour cream dip, using about 3 ounces and a half of sour cream, the juice of a lime, a bit of coriander, and salt and pepper. I make quesadillas as usual with the quesadilla maker, but I dip them in the sour cream dressing obtained this way, for an extra yummy factor.

You can also top your quesadillas with some cilantro sour cream sauce for a great combination. I use my food processor to mix sour cream with cilantro and lime juice until I get a nice smooth puree. I spread it over my quesadillas, and my entire family gobbles them down without a problem. This recipe also works great for a party.


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