3 Fun and Scary Recipes for Halloween



No one can say that I’m not a good mother. I like to think that I am. The only thing anyone might have against me when I say this, though, is that I enjoy creating some frightful recipes for Halloween. Joke aside, my two lovely kids enjoy getting scared by strange eyeballs floating in sauce, and they are practically the ones asking me to cook all kinds of ‘scary stuff’ when Halloween is around the corner. Since I like to cater to the preferences of all members of my family, I always come with a combination that I know will be to my kids’ liking, as well as my husband’s.

A plate of appetizers is sure to get the conversation started when we have guests, so one of my favorite recipes for Halloween is what I call Bocconcini Eyeballs. For this recipe, I use Bocconcini cheese balls, and large green olives cut into disks and thin slices of prosciutto. On a large plate, I place the cheese balls, and I decorate each of them right in the middle with half an olive stuffed with pimento. After that, I wrap each ‘eyeball’ in a slice of prosciutto. The effect is guaranteed; everyone will be shocked, but they will all want to try a Bocconcini eyeball. I pair this with a very red salsa sauce that I bring as close to looking like blood as possible.

My husband is crazy about deviled eggs, so when Halloween is around the corner, I hurry to prepare this all time favorite of his. Of course, I put a spin on it, or otherwise, I fear that the special occasion will just go unnoticed. Like for any other deviled egg recipe, I boil the eggs hard. I took the yolks out, and I clean the whites to the best of my ability. I mix the yolks with mayonnaise and mustard until I obtain a smooth texture. Salt and pepper are added as you see fit.

To make them scary enough for Halloween, I use black coloring mixed with mayonnaise, and I use this mix to paint the deviled eggs – once filled with the yolk mixture – so they look just like jack-o-lanterns. Even those they look pretty wicked, staring at you from the plate, I guarantee they are delicious.

For my kids, I am always putting a spin on a dessert they like. For Halloween, therefore, I make mummy cakes! I make cakes following the simplest recipe I can find, and I model little cakes in the shape of coffins. I decorate them with ganache in such a manner that it looks like on each little coffin cake there is a mummy. Needless to say, my kids are crazy about this scary dessert.